Food Safety
February 22, 2024

The good times of 2020

It has been a challenging year, the entire planet will remember 2020 as a year that has changed our lifestyles completely - the way we think, behave, communicate, interact and overall the way we live our lives.

Is this challenging time over? It’s hard to tell, and what about the good times this year? It’ll be different for everybody.

For NSURE, just as for the rest of small businesses in the Maldives and all over the world, we found ourselves struggling after the start of the pandemic, this year hasn’t been easy. I recall there were tears and anxiety when the seriousness of the situation had sunk in. But we definitely became stronger, more resilient, and we learned how to be flexible.

We created and successfully launched several online courses - the first couple online courses were in Food Safety and then in Health & Safety (created and published in the Maldives by the way).
Instead of closing down the business and asking our team to take an uncertain “break”, we switched to Covid-19 Safety assistance and we have helped many resorts create their Covid-19 Health and Safety Manuals, and SOPs to enable their safe reopening, ensuring they comply with all government guidelines.

We conducted hundreds of free online Covid-19 Safety and Food Safety Zoom trainings for our valuable clients, to ensure that everyone had up-to-date knowledge and the competency to carry out their tasks.
We upgraded our website to make it more user-friendly and interactive. Go and explore it if you haven’t seen it yet at

Despite all the challenges and extra costs, we continued sending water and food samples for testing to India and Sri Lanka, even during the pandemic, because our clients trust us and we can’t let them down!

Our team has become closer, and we feel closer to our clients too. Because what has happened has affected all of us. We all share the same anxiety over the future, this common threat over global tourism and all related businesses has created a bond and generated a certain understanding. We are more generous to share and more understanding of each other’s situations. Generosity, whole-heartedness, and a willing to share resources, has replaced greed and competitiveness.

To sum up, our 2020 has been like the lyrics in a Kelly Clarkson song - “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”, and we truly believe in it! We will continue to Promote a Culture of Safety and Build a Safer Tomorrow - we hope to have you all on board!

Written by
Viktoriia Lavrinets