Food Safety
July 11, 2022

Pest Control in Resorts

Controlling pests is an enormous task. Pest control provides protection from harmful insects. It is also Involved with the safety of our health, our foods and the protection of our property. Are you having a pest problem at your resort?

Have you discovered some Cockroaches, Flying insects, Rodents and other pests at your resort?

I would like to share my experiences about pest controlling in resorts. As a pest controller, I have done pest control treatments for Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, Flies and Mosquitoes. Do you think is it easy to work for get rid of different kind of pests?

Let’s see!

- Rodents

Most of the times Rodents arrive to the resort from the supply boats. So, we need to give more attention when the supply boats arrive to the resort. To get rid of Rodents in the island, we can use rodent traps and rodenticides.

- Cockroaches

Pest Control team treats for cockroaches twice a month. However, it’s not enough to under control cockroaches in the island. We should find the hidden breeding areas (Resort main gullies and sub gullies, Under the decks, under the kitchen pantries and Ext). I have seen so many times, cockroaches are coming to the island with supply boats. We have to do pest treatments on those areas. But when we are doing chemical treatments, we have to be more careful in restaurants and food preparation areas.

- Flies

There are so many varieties of flies in Maldives. House flies, Blow flies, Fruit flies and phorid flies are few of it. Basically, Flies breed out from the resort garbage area and it can be increased with the cross infestation. Removing breeding areas, Using Fly traps, fly killer machines and pesticide treatments are most effective ways to get a solution for fly issue.

- Mosquitoes

In Maldives, the Dengue fever is rapidly increased in every nook and corner. Mosquitoes are getting increased from the cross infestation and bad weather. Always we have to clear the mosquito breeding areas. Daily pesticide treatments are needed to do in outer areas.

I think, one of the major negative impacts of pests on human health is that they can make you fail. Most of them are disease carrier, either directly or indirectly. Keeping nasty pests away from the resort is one of the most important part of the pest control.

Written by
Malin Ranasinghe