Safety Auditor and Trainer

August 25, 2020


The Safety Auditor and Trainer is responsible for developing and customizing training programs, performing food sanitation audits and inspections, training  personnel of establishment on food safety, Health and safety and sustainability. It also includes creating and developing Gap analysis,  Policy assistance, SOP and Manual compilation certification assistance, Hosting meetings and briefings, and provides recommendations to management on appropriate sanitation or food safety corrective action(s) to maintain a high level of cleanliness ensuring positive food safety outcomes. Safety Auditor and Trainer is also responsible for maintaining Nsure's high quality service to all customers which includes timely response to customer service issues.


  • Conduct food safety and sanitation audits in assigned geographical territory and account list. ( Visit resorts and includes traveling by seaplane and boat)
  • Based on audit results, communicate significant sanitation violations to the management and recommend appropriate corrective action(s) required to maintain a high level of cleanliness and safety.
  • Train customer associates on the use of products, systems, and sanitation procedures
  • Develop and maintain excellent customer relations within each account
  • Comply with internal reporting requirements, assigned administrative duties, 
  • Maintain 100% compliance with company safety policy, utilize PPE, and follow safety processes at all times


  • Professional attitude, good organizational skills, and self-motivated/directed
  • Strong administrative skills with a flair for IT and graphic design is needed, as much of work involves writing reports and designing  marketing materials.
  • Passionate and eager to grow
  • Confident and approachable
  • Adventurous, strong customer focus
  • Excellent time management, decision making, and people skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to effectively train sanitation teams
  • Demonstrates genuine interest and commitment in the well-being of clients
  • Development and growth for people in hospitality.

*Working with many different companies, resorts, brands, styles, people, would  be ideal. An experience and  knowledge at food safety, conducting audits and training is a Plus.

" Engagement with NSURE will reflect engagement with our clients."

Receive free training to develop various skills in hospitality, food safety and environmental sustainability and communication. Gain necessary certifications and international accreditation.

Offering a year contract and negotiable salary, Interested applicant may send their CV to and a cover letter answering the following questions:

  1. What interest you to be part of Nsure team?
  2. What are the 3 skills or attributes that makes you suitable for the position?Give examples of how you have exhibited those skills while working or studying
  3. What is you passion? What drives and motivate you as a person?

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