COVID-19 Risk Reduction - Strategies for all Departments

This course on Risk Reduction COVID-19 is the perfect training about the strategies to adopt for each department: from airport check-in to resort check-out!

The following training is a comprehensive guide that provides all you need to know about the Coronavirus, how to understand the virus, the emergency procedures, the use of PPE, the ways of prevention, cleaning and disinfection, social distancing etc... It offers as well usefull guidelines for every department: Housekeeping, Front Office, Kitchen, Food & beverage, Human Resources and Admin, Airport, Recreation, Spa, Kids Club, Water Sport and Dive Center.

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All department

2 hours


Lesson 1 - What is Coronavirus

Lesson 2 - How does it spread

Lesson 3 - Who are most at risk? What are the symptoms?

Lesson 4 - Diagnosis and Treatment

Lesson 5 - Prevention

Lesson 6 - How to use PPE?

Lesson 7 - Sampling procedure

Lesson 8 - Response to a COVID-19 case

Lesson 9 - Contact tracing

Lesson 10 - Guidelines for Housekeeping

Lesson 11 - Guidelines for Front Office

Lesson 12 - Guidelines for Watersport and Dive Center

Lesson 13 - Guidelines for Spa and Kids Club

Lesson 14 - Guidelines for Kitchens

Lesson 15 - Guidelines for F&B

Lesson 16 - Guidelines for Deliveries and Take away

Lesson 17 - Guidelines for HR


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